Dip Powder SNS

(Add Length $3 up)
A vitamin enriched healthy dipping powder is just what your nails need. This powder is fortified with multiple vitamins and calcium to enhance your nails as they continue to grow stronger and healthier. Can be applied to your natural nails or enhanced by adding tips for length. The best part is there is no dry time for these long-lasting beauties enjoy up to 3 weeks before your next dipping powder service.
Ombré $63 
Pink & White $50 
Color $43 

Acrylic Nails (Gel Polish +$15)

Acrylic nails are the hardest and strongest nail enhancement it's great for people who are hard on their hands and nails.
Ombré $63 
Full Set $35 
Fills $25 

Pink & White Solar

A collection of pink and white powders tailored to enhance the natural look of nails, creating the ultimate French manicure, hide flaws and create a longer nail bed. Best choice for French lover!
Full Set $52 
Fills $42 
Pink Fills $30 

UV Light Gel

A liquid gel used to sculpt nails. They are very shiny natural and less abrasive to the nail bed. This is an alternative for clients who allergic to the acrylic nails but not as strong as the acrylic or powder gel.
*Length & Shapes may affect the price
Full Set $55 
Fills $35 


* All pedicure bowls are wrapped with a disposable plastic liner and new Nail Kits for each customer for sanitary and health purposes.

1. Fresh Herbal Spa Pedicure $82 (65 mins)

Pamper yourself with this FRESH HERBAL specialty treat!

Choose from one of the following options:

A. Lemongrass - Detoxify and Hydrate

B. Peppermint - Refresh and Help Rejuvenate Younger Skin

C. Orange - Fights Skin Damage

D. Lavender - Relieves Stress

Cuticle care and nail shaping followed by herbal enriched sugar scrub, fresh herbal moisture mask, and then an herbal detox and steam. Afterward, an intense callus treatment with a thorough relaxation massage to your legs and feet. Finishing with a tranquil hot stone massage and paraffin wax treatment leave you relieved, relaxed and skin smooth as silk.

2. Nail Lounge Signature Pedicure $62 (55 mins)

Indulge your senses with our specialty treat!

Relax as you soak your tired feet, we will then tend to your nails and cuticles. Afterward, enjoy an exfoliating sugar scrub followed by a minty peppermint mask and hot towels, sure to leave your legs and feet feeling refreshed. Then we will do an intense callous treatment and thorough massage. A hot stone massage will be done afterward, and you will feel relieved and relaxed. Finishing with a precise polish application.

3. Luxury Rejuvenating Pedicure $47 (40 mins)

Relieve your tired aching legs and feet with this relaxing foot soak, as we tend to your cuticles, reshape your nails, and provide a thorough callus removal treatment. After, indulge yourself with our sugar scrub that will make your skin feel brand new followed by a vitamin-enriched refreshing moisturizing Mud mask and hot towels. Finishing with a warm oil and lotion leg and foot massage, warm towels, and fresh clean polish application.

4. Refreshment Spa Pedicure $35 (30 mins)

Nail trimming and shaping followed by intensive callus remove treatment and sea salt scrub. A specially formulated glycolic acid will smooth out hard dry calluses. Also, reduce calluses from coming back. Enjoy a deep moisturizing massage and hot towel wrap bring you to immediate relief, finishing polish.

5. Princess Paradise Pedicure $25 (20 mins)

(Children under 9)

Your little princess will soak her feet on the kitty pedicure chair and get her feet treated like an adult. She also has foot massage with hot towels and polish color of her choice.


Artificial Nail Removal $15 
Polish Change (Feet) $12 
Polish Change (Hands) $12 
Paraffin/ Collagen Gloves $7 up

* Length & Shapes may affect the price

French Only $5 
Nail Designs $5 up
Nail Repair Only $4 up



NO CHIP (Gel) Manicure $38 

NO smudging, NO chipping, NO DRYING TIME. It is a perfect manicure that lasts up to 14 days, goes on like polish, wears like a gel and removes in minutes.

*Paraffin Wax/ Collagen Gloves extra $7

Collagen Manicure (25 mins) $27 

When you'd like something nice but not extravagant. This starts with nails trimming and shaping, cuticle detailed, collagen treatment leaves you relaxed and skin smooth as silk, finally, a lotion massage relieves stress and polish to perfection.

NO CHIP (Gel) Only $28 
Princess Paradise Manicure (15 mins) $18 

(Children Under 9)

Her royal highness will have her nails cut, shaped, and buffed. A light massage with vanilla shimmering lotion is followed by the polish of her choice.

Dipping Powder

(Add Length $3 up)
- Odor Free
- Healthier For Your Nails By Added Vitamin & Calcium
- Light Weight & Durable
- Look & Feel Nature
- No Liquid

Overlay Ombré $63 
Overlay Pink & White $53 
Overlay Color $43 
Cuticle Care $10 


Full Legs $65 up
Brazilian $60 
Full Arms $47 up
Half Legs $47 up
Bikini $40 
Half Arms $37 up
Face $37 
Eyebrows Wax & Tinting $30 up
Eyelash Tinting $30 up
Underarms $22 up
Eyebrows Tinting $20 up
Cheek $14 
Eyebrows $12 
Chin $9 
Lip $8 


Whole Face $50 
Eyebrows $15 
Chin $12 
Upper Lip $10 


Volume Individual $250 up

Appointment recommended

Individual $200 up

Appointment recommended

Triple $45 up
Strips $15 up

not include lashes


Appointment recommended

Microblading Eyebrows $400 
Lip Liner $350 
Eyebrows $350 
Eyeliner $300 


Enjoy Our Complimentary Refreshment

- Water 

- Green Tea

- Soft Drinks: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite


- White

- Red

*Must be 21 or older

*Limited 1 glass